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Naruto Episode List
This is the full list of all Naruto episodes that have been aired in Japan on TV Tokyo. The titles are translated into English from the original Japanese ones. They were taken from the fansubs of ANBU, AnimeOne and Dattebayo.

Read the Naruto Episode List..


Naruto Episode Guide
Indepth summaries of the Naruto anime episodes.

Read the Naruto Episode Guide..


Naruto Voice Actors
Learn a little about the people behind the Naruto characters you know and love today. Includes a full list of all of the Japanese voice talent and the new English voice actors for the US series.

Read about the Naruto Voice Actors..


TV Tokyo
Read some information about the birthplace of the Naruto anime series, the great TV Tokyo. They aired the original Japanese version of the anime show and continue to do so today.

Read about TV Tokyo..



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