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Naruto Movie 1

The main part of this first movie tells about about a story where Kakashi and Team 7 travel to the Snow Country, which was an unknown country at the time. The reason for their travel is to protect a famous actress who does not want to travel to the Snow Country. While the actress is there, a Snow ninja attacks her. The ninja was hired by the Daimyo (lead shogun), of the country. It is now up to Naruto and his crew to help save the actress and discover the secret of her past! This movie has already been released on DVD.

Naruto Movie 2

During a mission, Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru try to save a young childs pet. Then are then suddenly attacked by a young knight named Temujin. While in battle, the three become seperated. Naruto and Temujin battle and end up falling off of a cliff. Shikamaru tries to find out what happened to Naruto when a large fortress suddenly appears in front of him. Shikamaru sneaks into the fortress and discover something very interesting. This movie has also been released on DVD.


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