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Advanced Bloodlines

Byukagan: The Bloodline Limit of the Hyuuga clan of Konoha.a The clan itself is very aristocratic, with a Head Family and a Branch Family. Only the Head Family can learn the secret moves that are a part of Byakugan, but Neji developed them himself.

Byakugan can see many things. First of all, it has a 360 degree visual around the user (with the exception of a very small blind spot above the thoracic vertebrae (most people have a blind spot in their peripheral vision, somewhere around 60 or 300 degrees, but Byakugan users do not)). Byakugan can be used to see anything comprised of or containing Chakra, through solid objects, great distances and can also perceive intent to kill.

Byakugan is used in conjunction with Juuken, which is a chakra-based fighting style that is meant to alter the enemys chakra flow. By being able to see the complete chakra circulatory system, a Hyuuga can manipulate it. A Hyuuga can also see the tenketsu, which are holes in the body, 64 in all, that chakra can escape out of, as well as Keirakukei, the flow of chakra throw the body. Masters of Juuken have complete control over their own tenketsu and can emit chakra from whichever point they choose.

A secret Head Family technique uses this ability to make a chakra whirlwind that deflects all physical blows with the centrifugal force of the rotating chakra. This is called Hakeshou Kaiten. Also, they can use Juuken to hit the tenketsu of the enemy, possibly disabling their use of chakra, thereby disabling use of ninjutsu, genjutsu, and all but disabling motor functions. A technique specifically designed for this objective is called Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (Divine 64 Strikes). In this attack, the Hyuuga first attacks with two strikes, then four, eight, sixteen, and finally sixty-four. In theory, this will close all tenketsu and render an enemy harmless. A more advanced form of this is the Hakke Hyaku Nijuu Hachi Shou (Divine 128 Strikes). Its the Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou with an extra 128 hits tacked on to the end. It seems to be the ultimate Juuken technique to date.

Hinata has developed her own way of using Juuken. She uses Shugohakke Rokujuu Yonshou, which adds a sort of very short range projectile effect to her 64 strikes. She is also developing a curious manipulation of water. She hasnt named it yet, but she has demonstrated that she can make a kind of sphere around herself as well as forming projectiles that are at least strong enough to cut bees clean in half.

Haku's Water and Ice Manipulation: His Bloodline Limit is the ability to manipulate water to make and manipulate ice. This Limits name is unknown and the names of the families from the Water Country that possessed it are unknown. The Water Country had a lot of civil wars and those families were used as weapons in them. For this reason, those families were hated and killed when possible. Haku demonstrates the power of the Limit by killing his father in order to defend himself. The men with Hakus father were all killed as well. Haku refined his Bloodline Limit to develop his master technique: Mirror of Ice Crystals. This move creates mirrors out of ice that casts reflections of Haku, while enabling him to move between the inside of each mirror very quickly, so that only Sharingan can track him.

Sharingan: Sharingan has three parts, as analyzed by Zabuza, one of the exiled Seven Shinobi Swordsmen. The first part is Form Manipulation, where Sharingans eye of insight allows the user to mimic the enemys actions exactly. The Mind Manipulation Step makes the enemy think the user knows what the enemy is about to do before he does it, using the eye of insight, and then uses the eye of hypnosis to create an illusion to subdue the enemy. The Technique Manipulation is where the Sharingans power really comes in. After seeing a technique only once, it can copy it exactly. Since the enemy is frozen by the illusion, the user can execute the technique first.

This is the extent of Kakashi's power of Sharingan. Kakashi didnt always have the Sharingan eye, as pointed out by Orochimaru, when they encountered during the preliminary fights in the Chuunin Exam. The scar over his Sharingan eye probably has something to do with the eye. It most likely had a previous owner. Sasuke mainly uses his Sharingan, which is as developed as Kakashis after his big fight with Naruto (with all three tomoes), to see through techniques.

Sharingan users can follow movement much faster than a normal eye can (although Itachi says this is a waste unless you have an Uchiha body to react to it with), as well as analyzing ninjutsu, understanding how it works and providing offense and defense to it and ultimately copying it.

It also provides a resistance to genjutsu, even that of another Sharingan user. Uchiha Itachi is a master Sharingan user, but is also a superior Uchiha clan member, meaning he is a superior ninja in every way. His Sharingan is fully developed and he has been able to use it since he was eight years old However, as he has shown Sasuke, he is able to form his Sharingan into Mangekyou (Kaleidoscope) Sharingan, which is the Advanced Bloodline Limit. Only someone with Sharingan stands a chance against Mangekyou Sharingan (although Gai has practiced following a persons feet instead of their eyes after sparring with Kakashi so much).

Mangekyou Sharingan uses a technique called Tsukuyomi (Moon God). It is a different kind of genjutsu, from which there is no escape. In this genjutsu, the user takes control of the victims concept of space and time. In a matter of seconds, the user can subject the victim to a virtual eternity of torture, causing severe psychological damage to the person and slipping them into a comatose/catatonic state. Amaterasu (Sun God) is a very powerful ninjutsu consisting of black fire that can even pierce the giant rock frogs esophagus.

Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse): This is the ability to manipulate the cell structure of bone within the users body. The user is able to control how his body uses calcium, thereby creating new bone. Also, he can make his bones harder than steel and use them as weapons, either projectile (Hessendan) or various melee weapons. He has complete and free control over his skeletal structure. Kimimaro comes from the Kaguya clan, a very war-like clan, that kept him locked up until it was time to use his Limit in war. He claims to have mastered the five dances, but only uses four of them. He uses bone spikes out of his arms for the Dance of the Willows, his bone-katana in a thrust-flurry for the Dance of the Camellia, his spinal column as a chain-blade for the Dance of the Clematis, and creates a forest of deadly, tree-like bone spikes in the Dance of the Seedling Ferns.


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