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Naruto Freaks

Welcome to the music videos page. These are some of the best music videos you can find on the web. In order to play these files, you will need Real Player.

Name Filesize Song Download
Gaara's Terror 14 MB Going Under Here
Hold On, Sasuke! 16 MB Hold On Here
Naruto's Determination 15 MB Your Disease Here
Self-Righteous Suicide 12 MB Chop Suey Here
Cursed Seal 12 MB Lying From You Here
Ugly Girl 12 MB Ugly Girl Here
Heart of Sand 07 MB Drought Here
Meant To Be 11 MB Cold Here
The Demon Inside 11 MB Pieces Here
Maniac 15 MB Meglomaniac Here
My Immortal 15 MB My Immortal Here
Byakugan: Your Fate is Sealed! 11 MB Numb Here
Rise of a Warrior 16 MB Evolution Here
Fated Dual 15 MB Happy Here
Sasuke's Revenge Part 1 16 MB So Cold Here
The Kill 10 MB The Kill Here
Futures 05 MB Futures Here
The Rivalry 11 MB I Hate Everything About You Here
The One and Only Sasuke 10 MB I Stand Alone Here
Toushi 13 MB Goodbye Here
Naruto's Home 19 MB Home Here
Naruto's World 13 MB My World Here
Absofuckinlutelee 04 MB Lee Here
Live For More 09 MB Meant To Live Here
The New Genin 10 MB My Generation Here
Between a Rock and a Hard Place 10 MB Endorphin Express Here
Happiness 12 MB Futures Here
Inner Conflict 08 MB From The Inside Here
Get Over It 10 MB Get Over It Here
Forfeit 11 MB Forfeit Here
Can't Touch Me 04 MB Can't Touch This Here
Calamitous Gallantry 11 MB Only One Here
The Narutrix 06 MB The Matrix Trailer Here
Shinobi Vs. Leaf Ninja 08 MB Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja Here
Ninja of the Night 05 MB Ninja of the Night Here
Ninja of the Night - The Test 05 MB Ninja Exam Sketch Here
Naruto Limerick File 07 MB The Negotiation Limerick File Here
Gaara's Roar 11 MB The Roaring of Beasts Here
Sasuke, Fallen 15 MB Fallen Here
Enter Gaara 16 MB Enter Sandman Here
Naruto's Last Resort 10 MB Last Resort Here
Way of the Ninja 10 MB Lazy Bones Here
Whisper of the Beast 14 MB The 5th Of March Here


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