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Animals/Insects - Animals are also considered as weapons. Some animals have chemical reactions when fed food pills. Inuzuka Kiba's dog, Akamaru turns red and grows in size when fed! Also, Aburame Shino of the Insect Clan uses his bugs to sap chakra out of his opponents. Sometimes it's so deadly that they can never fight again! The Kuchiyose no Jutsu or The Summoning Technique allows the user to summon animals through the space-time continuum. There are many characters who can summon creatures using the Kuchiyose no Jutsu Gama Sennin technique. This however takes skill, training, and chakra. There have been many summons. Some of the most recognizable ones include: Hatake Kakashi and the Hachininken (8 ninja dogs) with Pakkun being his preferred choice. Maito Gai is able to summon turtles, first completed during the Chuunin Exams. Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) is able to summon Enma (monkey). Tsunade can summon a slug. Jiraiya and Naruto can summon toads. Orochimaru can summon slugs. The summoning technique is a contract between the ninja and the creature, written on a scroll that the ninja has to sign using their own blood, for he or she to be able to summon a particular creature. Even then (as with the situation between Naruto and Gamabunta), the creature is not bound to obey the ninja. It all comes down to trust and strength such as the relationship between Orochimaru and Manda.

Bombs - Oddly enough, bombs are used in Naruto, but not often. So far there has only been 3 different bombs seen in the series: Smoke, Gas and Light. The smoke bomb is either used as a distraction or an escape tool. The gas bomb is simply a poisonous gas bomb which causes coughing once breathed in. The light bomb is used to blind a person and it was used to blind Tayuya as part of one of Shikamaru's plans.

Exploding Tags - A commonly used weapon, exploding tags are pieces of paper with the Japanese character "Baku," which means "explode" written on it. These tags can be easily placed on various items and will ignite them and explode after a short amount of time.

Food Pills - You would be surprised to consider this a weapon, but it is. Food pills allow the user to double their chakra and even fight three days non-stop. Also when fed to some animals it creates a chemical reaction. Kabuto, Orochimaru's #1 subordinate has been known to use a blood pill, which regenerates blood lost in battle. The AkimichiClan (Chouji's family) uses a set of 3 pills that greatly increase the user's abilities and can even change their appearance.

Fuuma Shuriken - The fuuma shuriken is also known as the windmill shuriken. It is much larger than the normal shuriken and it is also collapsible. Though the accuracy rate is much lower the effects of being hit by a fuuma shuriken are far more deadly.

Katanas - Katanas are one sided swords used as the default weapon for ANBU members. They are also used by the samurai body guards of Gatou.

Kunai - The Kunai is a kind of basic dagger that all ninjas use. It is all-purpose and can be used as a throwing knife or to stab at your opponents. It is extremely vital for all Shinobi to have.

Makibishi - Makibishi are small nails used to attack the opponent with.Just like the Senbon Needles, it does not hit the opponent very often. Some ninjasuse this weapon as a distraction for his/her main attack. Makibishis have 4 pointed spikes and are also used to slow down an opponent. Its shape makes it so at least one point is always facing up.

Ointment - Ointments are simply used as a healing cream or used to relieve pain.

Shuriken - The shuriken, otherwise known as ninja stars, is a very deadly and commonly used weapon. There are two types of shuriken: the tiny ones which are more smaller and easier to throw, and the Fuuma Shuriken: a huge shuriken used for fast and easy killing. It is very unwieldy, but if it hits you, you're as good as dead! While the Fuuma shuriken is preferred by the older and more experienced Shinobi, some Genin find it easier to use than the regular sized shuriken.

Umbrella - Umbrellas are used by the Shinobi of the Rain village. These umbrellas are mainly used to conceal thousands of needles which, when the umbrella is thrown into the air spinning, spread out in a rain-like fashion.

Wire - Wires are simple thin metal wiring often tied to the kunai or shuriken and thrown to in groups to fasten an enemy to a tree or rock.

Specialty Tools & Weapons

Asuma‚€™s Trench Knives ‚€“ These are special trench knives made from a metal that excels at absorbing chakra. When Asuma focuses his wind natured chakra into them, he can extend the blades up to several feet and slice through objects like wood and stone with ease.

Dosu's Speaker - This is a special Chakra-controlled speaker used by Dosu of the Sound Nin. The speaker is able to take any sound and distort it to Dosu's whim. Anything from frequency to strength of the sound is under Dosu's control making him able to direct the sound at a specific target, completely distorting the enemy's balance and hearing.

Exploding Creatures' Chakra Bombs- Deidara of the Akatsuki is channels his chakra into creatures such as birds and spiders that explode on contact.

Flute - Flutes are basic musical instruments but with special purposes. A basic flute used by Tayuya of the Sound Five when added with chakra can create a Genjutsu to any enemy within earshot of the flute. Tayuya also uses this flute to control her summoned guardians.

Gaara's Gourd - Gaara of the Desert always wears this large tan gourd strapped across his back. It contains a large amount of sand, which serves as his one and only weapon in battle. The sand is mixed with the blood of the many people he's killed and will emerge to shield Gaara from harm, even if Gaara himself does not command it to do so. It is later revealed the gourd itself is also made of sand allowing Gaara to draw sand from within the gourd while it appears closed for a sneak attack. The gourd can also dissolve completely and be used to increase Gaara's sand supply.

Iron Knuckles - Iron knuckles are pointed knuckle weapons with a blade on the outward facing end. Extremely useful in hand-to-handcombats. This weapon is primarily used by Asuma.

Kankuro's Pupperts (Karasu, Kuroari, Sanshouo, and ???) - These are the main weapons of Kankuro from the Sand Village. At first he only carries one, but as the story goes on he adds more puppets to his arsenal, reflecting how he himself grows in strength. All of these puppets were originally created by Sasori of the Red Sand, but Kankuro has since then added a few new tricks to them. Kankuro's first puppet is first used during the Chunnin Exam. Karasu was most likely named for the dark cloak that covers his body and the four arms giving him a crow-like appearance. Though apparently a simple human-sized marionette, Karasu is actually a fierce offensive weapon and literally every inch of Karasu's body is loaded with some kind of weapon involving poisoned blades, projectile launchers and even poisonous gas. Karasu's body can even separate and the individual pieces can be used as weapons and projectiles. First seen during the Sasuke Retrieval arc, Kuroari is similar in appearance to Karasu except he has six arms and a much larger head and body, similar to the body of a real ant. Function wise, Kuroari is not an offensive puppet like Karasu, but instead is built to capture opponents with barbed blades in each signet of his arms and a hollow body cavity used as a prison. Kuroari also makes a devastating combination when used alongside Karasu as Karasu can be used to harass the opponent in Kuroari's grasp. Once the opponent has been locked inside Kuroari's body cavity Karasu, combined with the Kuroari, they performs devastating Karakuri Engeki: Kuro Higi Ippatsu (The Puppet play: Secret Technique - Darkness attack) wherein Karasu's Head, legs, and arms separate and extend long blades from their bases. All seven limbs then pierce into special slits on Kuroari's body and their blades impale whoever's unlucky enough to be inside. This third puppet is briefly revealed at the beginning of the Rescue Gaara arc when Kankuro becomes a Jounin of the Sand Village. Unlike the first two puppets which are relatively human shaped and sized, Sanshouo takes the form of an enormous lizard, and while not much is seen of Sanshouo, its function is based on brute strength and mass destruction. Given the fact the Kankuro's favorite hobby is to install new tricks and gadgets into his puppets, Sanshouo is no doubt loaded with such mechanisms. After Kankuro recovers from his battle with Sasori of the Red Sand, he appears to have gained a 4th puppet, but since it remained bandaged on his back, not much is known of this puppet.

Neck Cutter - This is an extremely large sword used by Zabuza. It is specially shaped and sharpened to be able to cut people clear in half. The sword itself is taller than Zabuza.

Samehada - Its name means "shark skin" and it's named after the fish servant of Isonade, a legendary giant demon shark with three tails and three dorsal fins. This large sword-like weapon is used by Kisame of the Akatsuki. It appears to simply be an extra large sword wrapped in bandages but once unveiled it is apparent that the sword has a great number of sharp, spike-like scales attached and formed into the shape of a sword. As with real shark skin, this sword does not cut, it shaves, and combined with Kisame's immense physical strength anyone hit by this sword will be hurt significantly.

Senbon Needles - Senbon needles, while mainly used for Acupuncture (a form of Chinese healing that includes sticking needles in strategic spots on your body, redirecting ki or your life force so that it balances out) some Shinobi, properly trained, can use them as deadly weapons. One of the reasons it is not all that popular is it requires extreme accuracy and speed, fore these are only deadly if they hit a vital area of the body. Masters of the Senbon Needle combat are in a way, masters of illusion. With the right precision and timing, a Shinobi can throw a Senbon Needle seemingly at a vital target on an ally, but actually missing it by a few inches. This causes the ally to go into a death-like trance in which the Shinobi will appear dead. Even if the opponents were to take precautions to see if they are really dead. The only known Shinobi who uses Senbon Needles in is Haku.

Sickle and Chain - The Sicle and Chain is basically 2 giant claw-like weapons chained together and used as a 2-man weapon by the Demon Brothers of the Mist. The edges of the chain are actually sharpened which makes it even more deadly. If needed the chains can be detached allowing each of the brothers to move independently.

Soldier Pills - These pills taken by Kiba allows him to fight for three days and three nights non-stop.

Sword of Raijin - This is a legendary weapon said to have been wielded by the Second Hokage. It looks like the hilt of a standard double edged sword, but the blade of the weapon is made of pure electricity and able to cut through any surface, even through chakra. Reported stolen from Konoha, the weapon resurfaced in the hands of a Shinobi from the Hidden Rain Village only to be destroyed by the damage from Sasuke and Naruto's attacks.

Temari's Fan - This huge fold-up fan is Temari's primary weapon. This fan has 3 purple circles drawn on it which Temari calls: "moons". Each "moon" that is unfolded increases the fan's power greatly. Temari can use this fan to summon great gusts of wind and even use it to fly around.

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